Soft Tissue Grafts ( Gum grafting / gingival rejuvenation )

Although it might sound like a rather daunting surgical procedure, gum grafting is a relatively common option for improving the function and appearance of teeth. It is also useful in addressing a number of dental conditions such as receding gum line, thin gum tissue, excessive tooth sensitivity and tooth abrasion.

The Procedure

In many gum grafting procedures the periodontist will take some of the patient’s own tissue for the graft. This tissue is usually taken from the roof of the mouth. A very thin piece is removed and carefully placed onto the area where the gums have receded. It is then carefully attached there with fine sutures or special tissue glue.

In individual cases where many teeth require extensive grafting, our periodontists l may choose to utilize a tissue banked grafting material instead of patient’s own tissue. This eliminates the need to harvest tissue from the palate. Our periodontists will offer both options depending on the situation so that you can achieve best outcome.

A significant area of the gum line can be grafted at one time offering protection to a number of teeth. Both Dr. Jang and Dr. Yee specialize in micro-surgical procedures for all their soft-tissue grafting procedures to enhance surgical results and minimize post-operative discomfort.   We are proud to offer our patients with minimally invasive scalpel-free and suture-free root coverage procedures.


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