CT Scan

We, at Langley Periodontics and Implant Surgery, are pleased to introduce a new 3-dimensional imaging technology to our office. The new technology is known as Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) or Cone-Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) and is an x-ray imaging approach that provides high resolution 3-dimensional images of the jaws and teeth. CBCT images provide invaluable information that is not contained in conventional 2-dimensional films. The quality of CBCT images is comparable to conventional medical CT scans but at a fraction of the radiation dosage, ensuring that radiation exposure is kept to a minimum.

Cone-Beam CT fulfills a much needed diagnostic imaging need in dentistry. The technology is derived from its medical counterpart, the computed axial tomography, which is one of the most important radiological exams world-wide. While cone-beam CT is very different from medical CT. it also produces 3-dimensional images. Clear advantages of CBCT are its rapid imaging time (under 10 seconds) and its much lower radiation dose compared to medical CT.

Both 2-D and 3-D x-rays can show bone height and width, yet only the CBCT can measure the bone thickness of the jaws and also define the shape of the bony contours. CBCT can also accurately locate the position of the inferior alveolar canal in the lower jaw, thereby minimizing the risk of parasthesia caused by damaging the nerve. In the upper jaw, knowing exactly how much bone there is for the implant site will reduce perforations through the maxillary sinus. All of these advantages result in a greater success rate from CBCT guided implant placement.


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