All-on-Four Dental Implants Solution ( Teeth-in-a-day )

As dental implants become safer and more predictable, new applications have been developed. One such extraordinary procedure involves the use of implants to allow immediate function of a full arch of teeth. Previously, a period of time ranging from 3-9 months was required prior to functioning on implants. Now, the implants and the replacement teeth can be united on the same day.

The patient can immediately begin to eat, using replacement teeth which are fixed in place. This differs significantly from the traditional protocol, which involves having to use a removable denture during the entire healing time.

Imagine having immediately-functioning teeth that are fixed in place – all completed in a single day!

While there is a lot of planning behind the scenes between Dr. Jang and the restorative dentist, your part is very simple and safe. To begin, an evaluation is needed to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. This often involves undergoing a CT scan of the jaw to determine if sufficient jawbone is available. If so, then the CT scan is used to virtually plan where the implants are to be placed. A few appointments with the restoring dentist are also needed to fabricate the replacement teeth.

Once all of the information has been collected, a date will be set for the actual procedure, which is done using local anesthesia (and IV sedation if needed) in the dental office. Dr. Jang will remove teeth if needed, and then place the implants using a surgical guide created from the CT scan and computer software. The restoring dentist then attaches the replacement teeth to the implants and adjusts your bite. From there, feel free to commence eating.

Moderate discomfort will be experienced during the initial 24-48 hours, and appropriate medications will be prescribed. A series of quick follow-up appointments will be needed to monitor healing.

After a few months, a final prosthesis will be created, which is more esthetic and form-fitting. Remember, during this entire time the teeth are fixed in place, with nothing to take in or out.



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