4-Day Implant Hands-On Live Surgery Mentorship

Fall 2015 – Dates to be announced soon!

For more information, contact our Study Club Coordinator: Tracey Curtin at (604) 546–1133


Dr. Paul Jang & Dr. Cynthia Yee (Certified Specialists in Periodontics)

Course Information

This intensive four day surgical implant course is ideal for the practitioner who intends to place and restore implants. This course consists of four days, in which each participant will learn the following:

  • Case selection and treatment planning
  • CT scan assessment
  • Fabrication of surgical guides
  • Appropriate flap design and soft tissue management
  • Surgical placement of implants, including immediate placement into the socket and bone grafting
  • Suturing techniques
  • Management of complications and failures

Participants will learn by placing implants in models, and by observing live surgeries performed by the instructors.  On the last day of the course, participants will perform surgery comfortably on their patient, under the supervision of the instructors.

Course Testimonials

“Dr. Jang’s surgical mentorship program is held in a state-of-the-art facility with excellent support staff. The limited class size provides an excellent setting for close supervision of the surgical procedures. I would highly recommend this program to any clinician looking to incorporate implant placement in their practice.”

– Dr. L, Langley BC

“This is a great program for dentists wanting to place implants but don’t know where to begin. Dr. Jang’s surgical mentorship is extremely well structured. It begins with implant theory followed by mentor demonstration and hands-on placement, allowing me to place my first implant.”

– Dr. S, Maple Ridge BC

For course information and inquiries, contact our Study Club Coordinator:

Tracey Curtin at (604) 546–1133 or langleyperiodontics@gmail.com